Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Gaps Intro Day 14

I talked yesterday about how my nose was running again. Well I avoided peas yesterday and had a detox bath, and this morning no runny nose. Yay! so pleased. However I did forget to make one of our meals yesterday soup. So I did have reflux last night, as we has three meat meals. Oh well lesson learnt. I have also noticed that my eye sight has been improving. For time to time I have gone through stages where need to wear my glasses all day to avoid headaches and to just be able to see properly. Well have notice since starting the GAPS diet that I haven't need them, past the first few days.

Today I made stuffed Capsiums (pepper for American readers). Everyone seemed to love them. I'm very excited about the mail coming tomorrow and trying out our new veggie twister. Both Ben and the children are looking forward to trying out veggie pasta. So I guess that will be on the menu for tomorrow.

For the first time since starting GAPS Ben didn't complain about food. Yay! Also He is in a brighter mood. :0)
So today our two week Gapversary! I can't believe that we have been without sugar, dairy, grains for two weeks. Wow, when we first begun I wasn't sure we would make it this far. Actually I tried not the think about how far we would get. I mean I have done fasts before, 8 day food fast, 40 day meat fast, 40 day chocolate fast. But this is different, we are looking at two years. That's a big commitment. However we are already starting to seeing results, which helps spur us on. Also the promise of being healthy and being able to enjoy our children, and our lives. I look forward to the day when we go for walks together, exploring our country side. But more than that being free to do what God is calling up to do without hindrance.

Food Today
Mineral Water
Chicken stock
Stuffed caps.
Beef Casserole.

Another week down, as Ben tells me 102 more weeks to go. LOL!

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