Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Another day, another walk, day 23

Well today we took another walk, which was really good, the children loved it. It's great to get out and about and start showing our children the city that we live in. I'm looking forward to more of them and hoping that it becomes a family habit. I think it will be even better when we are back on raw foods, and can pack salads and fruit and so on.

We have decided to move on to stage 4, We have successfully included all the food for stage 3 but eggs for Ben. So we have decided to move forward and just keep trying eggs every so often, and hopefully soon he will be able to eat them. I think he is keen to try and get them in soon, because he is dying to have bread, which is on stage 4.

I'm so hanging out to finish intro so we can move onto some more variety, however as much as I would like to move on, I'm not sure that I am completely ready yet, but I will get there.

Today's Food
Mineral water
Breakfast meatballs, with boiled veggies, and Beef stock gravy
Lunch a cup of yoghurt
Dinner, slow cooked Lamb roast, with roasted veggies, and Stock gravy

Ben is finally getting into his studies full swing, which is helping take his mind off food.

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