Sunday, May 20, 2012

What I love about GAPS.

What I love about GAPS. Love and GAPS were two words that I didn't think that I would use in the same sentence. However today I found myself saying them. When we were thinking about doing this Diet I think there were many thoughts about how torturous it was going to be. How we would be missing out on all the things that we liked, and couldn't have. How were we going to eat. What was it going to be like watching other people eat food that we wanted to eat. And the idea of doing it for two years was totally out there. Generally there were lots of thoughts about all the things that we would miss out on, and not very many on what we would gain. However as we move on more and more through the diet, the more I love it and see it as a great tool, for healing but also for teaching.

The first stage of the diet is very basic, but also major, in that you don't have a lot of food choices you can make, and you clean everything out of your diet that is rubbish for you. You overcome your food additions and controls, so once you have finished stage one you no longer have anything in your diet that shouldn't be there. As you move through the other stages you start adding more and more foods and processes to your diet and life. With every addition you adding more healthy options, none of what you are adding is bad. If you add something that you have a reaction to you simply take it back out, allow for more healing, and then try again. So you add broth to your life, ferments, detoxing, juicing, correct food preparation, how to eat fruits, and so on. I think it is a great tool for helping your set up your kitchen life and habits for health.

I'm so glad that we have finally succumbed to using this diet to heal our bodies.

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