Sunday, December 30, 2012

Week 12

Well today marks week 12 for this pregnancy. It has been a very up and down experience so far. With the big bleed early in week 7, where I thought I had lost the baby. As it turns out it looks like we have lost one baby. I have had two scans now, to check for a viable baby. Both times we discovered a baby with a heart beat, and moving. On the second scan they were able to see a small crater where the other bleed came from, with the best explanation being that they was a second baby there. During that second scan they were also able to see that the baby was surrounded by some blood in the womb still, but not to worry as the old blood came out. Only to worry if new fresh blood showed up. So for a while I did have some old blood.

Well Christmas day, brought with it many blessings, but also fresh bleeding, not a big bleed like before, but like fresh blood. Then boxing day also brought more light bleeding with some light cramping. Well this was particularly hard because we weren't telling family until after Christmas about the pregnancy, so I couldn't tell anyone but Ben what I was feeling. So that night I came home and had a good cry, which of course made me vomit! Grrr.... one of the many things I dislike about morning sickness.

While on the topic of morning sickness, I would like to say that I do cope some flack for using medication to help me stop vomiting. Ultimately most of those people don't really know what morning sickness is like for me, and don't have to make the choices that I am faced with. Morning sickness (all day sickness) for me, often courses me to vomit blood, loose 10-20 kgs, get dehydrated - to the point that my kidney's have ached and my tongue had been very sore because of it. As well as having to go to hospital to have fluid put back in, all of which work together to put my babies at risk, especially if not treated. The medication I use doesn't stop those things, but helps ease them to a point to being a bit more manageable. So while it doesn't stop me vomiting, it does help to reduce it so that I can hold down fluids 70% of the time, if I have small sip all day. So my choice is to use medication when I must. I don't use it all day, everyday, but during the worst patches of sickness.

I think it will be a few more weeks before we will look at getting back onto gaps, as I slowly getting back into the kitchen, making a meal or two here and there, when I'm able too. Normally morning sickness easies at around week 16. I think both Ben and I are hoping that it will be earlier this time round. The family are all really keen on getting back onto GAPS. So we will see how that goes.

So that is all for today.... Ben might write a blod post soon, so keep an eye out for that one.

Bye for now. :0)