Thursday, March 28, 2013

Pregnancy Update - 24 weeks Yay!

Hi all thanks so much for reading this blog. It's been a while since I have updated, so here goes :) I'm currently 24 weeks. Finally! It seems to me like it has taken a long time to get here. Over that 24 weeks, I've had several bleeds (about 10) and several ultra sounds, Anti D injections, and dopler tests to check that baby is still alive and so on. So it's been a bit of testing time. I think the hardest part is being before 24 weeks, if something happened, ie too much blood lost, there wasn't anything the doctors could do to help my baby, only wait and let things happen. So for me I feel a bit more a sigh of relief that now I have reached a milestone.

So what is causing all this bleeding. Well it turns out I currently have a complete placenta previa. This is were the placenta is covering both sides of the cervix. SO what does this mean for the pregnancy? Well there is the risk that my cervix starts to open and I would loose a lot of blood and need to delivery baby early. It also means that if the placenta doesn't move from it's current position I will need to have a c-section. The other concern about my placenta being low is that is might be attached to my c-section scar, which is something else I really don't want, but thankfully at this point it looks like it might not be. Again time is going to tell how and when this baby is going to be born.

Now in saying this my doctors are still hopeful that my placenta might move, which would allow me to have a natural delivery, as long as my baby isn't large. Which I have had a few of. To help keep my baby at a normal size, I am closely controlling my blood sugars, so tonight I've had my first insulin injection to help with my fasting blood sugars. My liver has been releasing too much glucose while I'm asleep.

The other thing that we learnt today at our doctors appointment is that our baby, who I can say looks to be a little girl, has a clubbed left foot. We won't know for sure what will come of this until she is born, whether it's just positional and only need physio or if it will need more invasive treatment. It's just another thing that the doctors will keep an eye on.

For those of you that are praying for this pregnancy blessing, and my family, I really would like to thank you so much. So if you would like some prayer points to help with your prays here goes.

Please pray:
- That the placenta will move and we will be able to have a natural delivery.
- That we will deliver at term.
- That we wouldn't have any more bleeding.
- That the placenta is not attached to the c-section scars.
- That the club foot would resolve in utero.

Again thanks so much.
Blessing to you all