Saturday, October 25, 2014

Exercise - Have a walking group.


We all know the benefits of exercise for our bodies when we are trying to loss weight and get fit. It's great for our general health, mind, body and spirit.

I personally in the past have struggled at time to get out and exercise. I have been stuck in the idea that exercise takes up time, hard work, and is challenging with a large family and small children. Well I'm now proving myself wrong.

I'm a Mum of many which means living my life in multi tasking mode (which I'm sure many people do now in this fast paced world). So exercising in my mind was something that would not only take time away from the things that I need to be doing or would rather be doing if I had the time.  I have since discovered that I can still multi task while exercising.  I just need a few things.

We all need good shoes,  a double stroller, bikes, a beautiful park and some good friends!!

Homeschooling my children also means that I need to make sure that they are educated about how to look after there bodies. I have been doing that with food,  sharing with them food that helps to heal and build our bodies, but hadn't done a lot in the way of teaching them to care for there bodies with physical exercise until recently.  I hadn't given it much thought, but now that I am, know how much they are loving being more active and they love being active with ME.

Now that I am moving out of the darkness and into Life, I want to enjoy as much of it as I can, and share it with my children.  So while I'm training to be able to run 5 kms, So are they. They just don't know it yet. Well maybe they do and they are just not letting on.

So how do I multi task and exercise?  I have walking dates!!!!!!


I love catching up with friends and sharing our lives together, and I want my friendships to be ones that help inspire, grow, encourage, support, and generally share our burdens.  There is nothing like chatting with a good friend to help the weights of life lift.  There is also something to be said about the positive effects that exercise has on not only our bodies but our minds also. Releasing endorphins and reducing our stress levels.

So I get together with several friends each week to walk and talk.

My children benefit from this as well, they will bring there bikes and ride or walk and talk with us, learning how to have positive relationships in there lives.  They also benefit from a family walking group I have started.  Where each week several families come together to walk and have a BBQ/Picnic Dinner together.

This is one of my favourite days. I love getting together with other families but our house is small, and I hate cleaning LOL. So we don't do it that often. However I done need to have the house perfect and organised to met friends at the park, I just need to throw some things in a bag and go. Which I love!!!

So we meet Every Monday from around 4ish and stay until it's cold. Oh and what great fun we have together chatting, walking, catching up of each others week, and eating. Monday's it's easy to get our children to bed because they have used up there energy playing and we all sleep well. Well mostly, we do still have little ones.


Now what about bad weather. Well yes that is always an issue and when it's raining our walking dates are cancelled but I have made a deal with myself that when a walking date is cancelled I will still walk. However I take that walk with another group of friends. They are my podcast friends :) I jump on the treadmill that I have at home in our garage, and I listen to some of my favourite speakers.  So I use that time to help me grow in my learning, while doing something positive for my body at the same time.

There are many obstacles that can hold us back from doing things that are beneficial for us, maybe see if you can rethink some of the issues, and make some changes for the better. They don't have to be huge. You can start small. Lots of small changes all add up to help make a big difference. Start your journey to becoming the person that you long to be, and if you are already there. Smell the Roses and Enjoy it!.

- Lots of Blessings,



  1. I like your idea of a walking date. Me and my sister used to get together to go shopping. But maybe we could try walking instead. It's way more cheaper that's for sure.

    1. LOL, Yes that is for sure :) A double win, time with your sister and the health benefits of a walk. The walk goes so much quicker when your doing it with someone you enjoy spending time with.

  2. Hi Christina,
    The walking club sounds like a great idea! I walk also together with a friend of mine, the kilometres go by fast when you're talking :)
    Blessings to your weekend,

    1. Yes, it's amazing how fast it goes when you have a good conversation!

  3. I'm just like you! Having a buddy (or buddies) to motivate you is the key to me sustaining a healthy routine. You hit the nail on the head when you say "Lots of small changes all add up to help make a big difference". Thanks for sharing lovely. Kx

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