Saturday, March 15, 2014

Getting through Rest!

Having gone through a stressful pregnancy and needing to rest, as well as facing the fact that I might not be here to see and raise my baby on the other side. I needed something to do to help distract my mind. I also wanted my baby to have some special things from me, that people could put on her to help her know that I loved her. So that is when I decided to be proactive with what I wanted to leave my children with if I didn't come through this. I decided to try my hand at crochet. I had given it a go a few times and did a bit here and there, I hadn't really got it enough to make anything. This time I was going to. I started searching youtube for videos that would help me make something.

The first thing I made was a hat for my baby.

here is her wearing it

After that I built some confidence and started making dresses.

Then booties

Then I made a few more hats.

Then complete outfits.

I made her a blanket that that had my smell all over it so she could be wrapped in it and have a Mummy hug.

After making all my baby things I started work on gifts the rest of the children.

After Marcella was born and I have recovered some I started work on Christmas gifts for my family and friends. I think they turnes out pretty good.

My advice for those one bedrest and faced with an uncertain future, find something that works for you. Allow yourself the time to feel, in put on your armor and make the most of the time you have with what you have.