Sunday, May 27, 2012

Husband's Guest blog #2: "Won't"power

I want to thank all of the lovely readers who read my first blog post in here. It's pretty good to have your comments and views. I've had a think since my last post about the reason why readers may be interested in a male perspective, and here's what I came up with. My thoughts are in this order:

1. Men are stubborn.
2. Women love Men.
3. Women want the best for Men.
4. Men do not like change.
5. Women want Men to change because they love them.
6. Men get grumpy when women try out of love for them, to help to change.
7. Women despair.
8. Men play X-box.

Okay,maybe not the last two, but you get the point. Speaking personally, I don't like change. I get grumpy and sulky when I can't have the things I want; and this has been an especially big problem on the GAPS diet. These are a shortlist of my favourite things:

1. Iced Coffee (Both small and large, and all brands of it)
2. Tea (White with two heaped teaspoons)
3. Instant Coffee (White with four sugars)
4. Pasta
5. Baked Potatoes
6. Potato Chips
7. Sourdough Bread
8. Corn Chips
9. Chocolate
10. Butter

The question that immediately slaps you in the face when you start this diet is the question of willpower. After reading enough about it and starting the diet the question is "Do I have what it takes to complete this marathon diet. This is something everyone who wants to do the diet must stand firm on at the start. I have found that it is not willpower that has sustained me from the start, but "won't"power. Knowing that I could have EEEEAAAAASSSILYYY cheated so many times now, it has become easier to just stay away from the things I am not able or ready to eat yet. Even with "won't"power in full operation, sitting in a fish and chip shop, or standing 30 centimetres away from a corn chip packet may cause distress and agitation in the early stages, and you may try to smell the packet like some kind of weird chip pervert. (or so i've heard...). The reason people like me were / are stuck in the position they are is because some of them are actual sugar addicts. There is biological evidence in Mrs McBride's book that the brain develops an alcoholic-like dependancy in the brain for the sugar; When the body is stripped of sugar for a time, it is natural for all sorts of nasty feelings and emotions to come out, but yet when the sugar is at a more manageable level, emotional stability is possible. If it is hard to convince men to do the GAPS diet, i believe it is because they are addicts; and it is very hard to convince an addict sometimes that He has a problem.

After 39 days of this diet the most significant part of the diet is that it slowly changes desires, and develops won'tpower. I was so happy to be able to eat nuts- I was never interested in them before, and now I think they're a great snack. I love having the yoghurt. I liked it before too, but I would have never eaten it in replacement of a grain food. I appreciate herbal tea more. I don't feel the need for potatoes constantly. Onions that I never used to touch I will gladly eat with tomatoes. My biggest surprise I think was actually Avocado. I used to hate it because let's face it, it's as boring at bat crap and doesn't taste like anything. I actually appreciate it now! so, if I were to say anything to a potential new person on the diet it would be:

1. Once you firmly decide that you will do the diet, you have won half the battle
2. Sugar really is as bad as some people say.
3. Your food preferences can change. They are not set in stone.

Anyway, thank you readers for being so supportive. Have a great day!


  1. So true about food preferences changing! I guess a lot of people don't know that or don't believe that but it does happen and you get new favorites.

  2. When we started intro a while ago, I told my kids they had bad bugs in their bellies and all the bad bugs wanted was bad food so they would yell at their brains and make them eat bad food, but we had to defeat these bad bugs and starve them and instead, feed the good bugs good food. It worked really well, especially when I would put a bad bug monster voice on and say nooooooo don't eat the good fooooood!!!! We want sugar!!!! We want bread!!!! Don't eat broth!!!! So the kids would take great delight in eating the good food and defeating the bad bugs. Eventually it got easier and easier for them to eat the good food, like their bodies wanted the good food, and I told them the bad bugs were dying and the they were feeding the good bugs and I think that's exactly what happens, eventually the balance of good and bad bacteria swings the other way and your body craves nourishing food, whereas if there are too many bad pathogens in your gut, they crave junk foods to survive. Thanks for these guest posts it's great to have the male perspective for all the reasons you listed lol :D

  3. I'd have agree with that. Children can really love getting into nutrition if they got excited about "Defeating the bad bugs" Thanks for your kind comments by the way and reading our blog. I always think it's like starwars down there:

    May the "forks" be with you in your journey