Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Walking - day 22

As our health picks up we would both like to be more active. So we started that today. There is a local park nearby that is really good for walking, biking around, but also has great play equipment for children. So I'm hoping to slowly build up to taking the children for walks around our city, several times a week. Today was a great start. I wasn't sure it would happen, the weather outside was looking like there might be rain, but I gritted my teeth and said, no we are going, and was very thankful that the rain held out for our hour long walk, and then play. The children had a great time, and Ben and I benefited from some time outdoors, as well as some physical activity.

I'm looking forward to building more and more healthy things into our lives. We have started with food, but I don't want it to stop there. I want to live life with my children to the full.

Today we started adding more yoghurt to our diet, so far so good, no real reactions. Yesterday i made 4 Litres of yoghurt, my culture is now starting to get really good, as it was thickest, and creamiest one yet. My children are always hungry at the moment. So that 4 litres will not last us very long at all, I will need to make more very soon.

Food today
Mineral water
Breakfast meat balls, in a beef and tomato sauce.
Lunch was stir fried veggies in ghee and beef stock, with Avocado and beef strips.
Dinner Pumpkin soup.

I think one of the difficult things is having soup every day without bread. For us fresh baked bread and soup is the Standard. So we are missing that component to the meal. Not sure that Almond bread will cut it, but when we get there I will let you know.

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