Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Day 29 - Carrot milk shakes

We have started juice for the third day in a row, sorry forgot to mention that one. SO today I turned that juice into a milk shake. Well not a real milk shake. I simply juiced a few carrots a couple of sticks of celery and then added yoghurt for the dairy. To my surprise everyone loved it.

I feel like the more we are getting tidy on the inside and more the outside gets tidy as well. Things are slowly starting to fall into place. I'm slowly getting more organised. I hope this is the way of the future.

Food Today
Mineral Water
Scrambled eggs, with Onions cooked in chicken broth, with garlic, and avocado. Severed with a carrot and celery milk shake.
Yoghurt with crispy walnuts, (crispy walnuts are walnuts that have been soaked overnight, in water and a little apple cider vinegar, and then dehydrated, making them Crispy)
Dinner today, was Roast pork, with Baked Pumpkin, Carrots, Brussels sprouts, and Zucchini, with Sauerkraut and Onion gravy.

Today I did some more fermenting. I have Salsa, and Tomato sauce fermenting at the moment. Can't wait to try them. Will keep you updated on how the family like them.

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