Monday, May 14, 2012

Day 26 - Almond Bread.

As we have started walking, we thought today (Being Mother's Day) would be a great day to go for another one, and even pack a picnic, which is not always that easy to do on GAPS intro. However as we are on stage 4 we can introduce Almond Bread. Which is exactly what we did. Ben has been very excited about adding this one to our menu. Bread has been something that he has missed big time. I guess I have too, but in a different sense. I miss having bread with Soup, as that has been a bit of a tradition to make an extra good loaf to go with soup. So it really has been a change to feel like just soup is a whole meal, because it feels like half the meal is missing. I have also missed making a loaf or two for an easy lunch.

So today was our first try at adding it in. It was a very simple, plain loaf. Another interesting point about making bread is that we don't have a whole lot of stuff that we can put on that bread yet. Also the spreads that we are used too are out. Vegemite, Jams, we can have homemade nut butters, but not cheese and tomatoes, or raw salads. So now to think about and prepare things that we can have on them. Soft boiled eggs, Nut butters, ghee, cooked tomatoes, ferment condiments, anymore suggestions would be great!

Food today
Mineral Water
Breakfast Sausages, with onion,tomatoes,scrambled eggs, and the chicken and Avocado Gravy from Last night.
Lunch - Picnic, yoghurt with a dash of honey and almonds, and Almonds bread with rosemary Ghee.
Dinner - Chicken drumsticks cooked in chicken broth and ghee with onions and tomatoes, served with Saurkraut, broccoli, carrots, and Brussels sprouts.

All in All a good Mothers day.

Almond Bread Recipe
2 1/2 cups of Almond Flour/ Almond meal
1/4 cup of fat, ghee, yoghurt
3 eggs

Mix until well combined and the consistency of porridge. Put into a well greased pan and bake on 150 for 40mins - 1 hour. Until a knife comes out clean. Let sit in the tin for another ten minutes before turning out. Slice to eat.

This is the basic recipe, you can add all manor of things that you are allowed. For example when you are up to fruits, you can make add them and make a fruit loaf, olives for olive bread, herbs for herb bread, pumpkin for pumpkin bread. You can also use this to make homemade pizza. Just cook the base first before adding your toppings.

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