Thursday, May 3, 2012

Day 17, GAPS Intro

Well I'm feeling a bit low at the moment. I didn't have a very good night's sleep last night, Xavier was fussy and so was Isaac, so there was two little boys in our bed, and I was having re flux, So I ended up getting up with them, at around 4ish. Isaac was happy to watch veggie tales, and Xavier went back to sleep around 7am, so I grabbed a blanket and sleep on the couch for an hour or so.

Also we were both excited to move on to stage 3, trying scrambled eggs and pancakes, well at the moment it looks like we both have a slight aversion to eggs. So that was disappointing. So we will leave them out for a couple of weeks and try again. I think the hardest thing about doing this diet is that we can't leave the house without knowing what we are doing for our next meal or two, and not just thinking about it but actually getting what you need to ready. We can no longer just jump in the car and if we aren't home in time, just swing by and pick up something. At the moment too everything is still slow cooked, so it all takes a while. However not to be discouraged. I am learning new skills in food preparation, and learning on the go to plan our week food wise. If you are a really organised, tidy person, I'm sure you wouldn't find this as much a challenge as I do.

Food today
mineral water
steak with boiled veggies, and gravy for our broth.
Lunch was left over steak warmed, with sauteed onions and tomatoes.
Dinner was Almond Pancakes. Not nearly as much fun when you can't add jam to them.

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