Monday, May 14, 2012

Day 27.

Today was a day for organising in our house hold. My husband and I have been without cloth space for the last year, and today we finally got some tall boys delivered. Wow what a difference it makes to be able to put things away. So interestingly enough having something to keep us busy really took our minds off food.

I notice if I haven't had a detox bath, or foot bath for the day, because my nose runs. Ben is very pleased with his progress. For someone that doesn't really like rules very much he is adapting well to the fact that it is based on rules.
Ben is totally in love with Almonds, He is very thankful that I have ordered and 12.5kg box of them. I on the other hand love eggs! I'm pacing myself, but loving what I am having.

Food today
Mineral water
Chicken soup
Yoghurt with almonds and a little honey
Stir-fry Beef (using chicken stock) with veggies and an omelet.

I also started a batch of fermented honey going today. It will be about 4-6 months before we can try it, but I'm so looking forward to it.

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