Sunday, May 20, 2012

My father passing away.

For those of you that know me in my personal life know that my father passes away in February. February 18 to be exact 3 days after my birthday. He bhad prostate cancer that spread through his body at a fast rate. He was given his diagnosis 7 months before he passed away. He has always been a very strong man, rarely sick, apart from having diabetes. I have seen him injure himself and get up and get on with things, but this really took him down big time. He very quickly went from a man that was very capable, strong, and hard working, to someone that was weak and struggled to get out of chair. It is very hard to watch that happen, particularly because he didn't know Jesus. I many that go through these things blame God and really question whether there is a God and if there is how can he say he loves people and let them go through is pain. I can totally understand those questions why people ask them. For me however there was no question that God was in it and He brought about so many blessings that day. We all must at sometime leave this world for the next. We don't know when that day will come, all we can hope for is that is peaceful and we are surrounded by the people we love. And Dad was.

We don't have a lot of money at our disposal so we had organised to go to my see my parents every Friday as the live around 1 and hour away from us. Well on the Thursday mum rang to say Dad had choked and it wasn't looking good. Well we had no money, the next day was payday and we were due to go see them, but they weren't sure Dad would make it through the night. However there wasn't anything we could do, so we just had to pray that we would get to see him one last time before he passed away. So the next morning we arrived, and Dad was heavily drugged and coming in and out of consciousnesses. We took the children in to see him, they all had there activity books as I didn't plan to leave anytime soon. They all prayed for him, and gave him a kiss and a hug, told him he loved them, and just at the right times he woke up to hear them and say he loved them as well. Which was a real blessing, that they and he was able to have that last I love you. This was just one of the many blessings that surround Dad's passing. We were also very blessed with an understanding and supportive friend who was able to come pick up four of our children and have them for the night. This allowed me and Ben to say the night near by. I think I always actually planned to spend the night with Dad but didn't mention it to anyone but Ben. Well we got everyone organised, Ben was able to stay at my mums, the night with Isaac (2years) and Xavier had a pram that he would be able to sleep in lent to us by one of my cousins. Mum was so wrecked and distraught that the hospital let here sleep in one of their beds in the next room. Xavier and I spent the night with Dad. Another great blessing in it was how content Xavier was, only waking to be feed and changed and very happy the remainder of the time.

That night I don't think I will ever forget. Next to Dad's bed was big reclining chair, were I sat holding his hand and watching Forest Gump for the last time with my Dad. Dad was asleep for it most of the time, waking up here and there. I remember him waking a little and asking if he was in pain, he said no, and then needing to using the toilet so I helped with the bottle, then he woke a bit later and said he had pain. I called the nursed and they came and gave him pain relief and changed him. Helped him have a little drink, and get comfortable. Mum woke about 5am and came back in to the room. The night had been mostly peaceful and calm. Then around 6.30 am the 18th of February Dad breathed his last breath, while Mum and I were holding his hands. I can't explain how grateful I was to the Lord for allowing those last 20 hours to be with him while he passed. It was so precious and I am so thankful that I could be there. I am also very thankful for being his daughter. I was able to pray right after his last breath and thank God for the privileged of having him in my life.

While other question God, I have no doubt that God brought many blessings in this situations and I am so grateful that my Heavenly Father, allowed me to be there for my Earthly Father for his final farewell.

I love you Dad. I look forward to seeing you on the other side. :0)


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