Monday, May 7, 2012

Day 21.

Wow, so we have being doing this long enough to make a new habit. We actually I wish that where totally true. We have not cheated, and I think I am starting to develop the habit of cooking all the meals and thinking ahead to our next one or two or three. I'm getting use to waking up and have only mineral water first thing. So while I'm getting used to all these things about the diet, there are somethings that I am still not yet used too. One of which is going to the supermarket and not getting a treat, or seeing a new product on the shelf and not even thinking about trying it. Even though I know well and good that these things will offer no nutrition at all, and in actual fact cause harm.

Unlike Ben I don't feel like having a tantrum over these food because I can't have them. I think it just takes time I get to get used to not being able to have them. The more I think about it the more I think is a great way to get people off all that junk and help them become really aware of what they are eating, and putting into and onto their bodies. Giving the body a rest, and spending time learning to listen to what it is saying to you.

Ben and I were talking about it recently how the messages that our bodies is giving us and the way we interrupt them has been corrupted in a sense. Take for example the story of Fats. We have a whole food industry designed to reduce and remove fats, and spend a lot of money advertising there product as no fat, low fat, reduced fat, and so on. However our bodies really need good fats (not vegetable, trans or processed fats) to function. When our bodies have enough of these good fats, our brain sends a message to our stomach, "We have enough now, you can stop eating". Well if you are not consuming fats, or
your consuming these bad ones, your brain never gets enough, so instead sends messages that it needs more.

So you can see how we can slowly get disconnected from what our body is saying to us.

Sugar craving have gone for me, that's not to say that I don't still get the mental cue, ie the children have gone to bed, it might be nice to have a little treat. I don't need it, I don't really crave it, it's just an old habit slowly dying.

Food today
mineral water
chicken stock
veggie stir fry, with ghee and chicken stock
crispy walnuts and slivered almonds
Lamb chops and stir fried veggies, with beef bone broth gravy.

Ben has been starting yoghurt over the last two days. Starting with 1 Tablespoon yesterday, 2 tablespoons tomorrow, until we get up to a bowl full. I currently have 4 litres culturing at the moment, as our family loves homemade yoghurt, and there is never really enough. Due to Ben really missing snack we have introduced the Crispy walnuts and the Almond Slivers which he is enjoying a lot. Also over the past two days, he hasn't required a day sleep which has become quite routine at our house. He is also being more productive. ;0)

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