Sunday, May 6, 2012

Day 19 Gaps - getting some control back.

Well today was a busy day in our household, we have lots of things to catch up on. Thankfully we were able to organise some of those things. I'm feeling in a bright mood, like things are starting to fall into place, emotional, diet wise, and our choas which has been our life of late. With Ben having these issues over the last several years, each year getting a little worst, we haven't been able to be the most consistant of people. We could plan some, but we really didn't know what to expect of the next day until we saw how he had slept that night, or not slept, on many occasions.

Now we are SLOWLY falling into routines, of detox baths, and getting in to bed at a reasonable time, while he is no way he is not there yet, he is sleeping a bit more, the pain has reduced to mainly a 3 and he is having more energy and needing a day sleep less. So things are looking up. For me I have seen several signs that my body is starting to heal. One of which is a clogged pore that I have had for years. It actually looks like I have drawn a dot on my face with black pen. Well a few days ago that cleaned out! and now is starting to close.

If you ever plan on doing this diet I highly recommend making daily or weekly notes on your symptoms. We have been doing this and it is great to see one of those symptoms fall off your chart. Ben hadn't noticed, but in the first few weeks of starting this, he had an aching back, I asked him today if he had it still, and he looked at me as if to say what back ache? but then he remembered and realised he hadn't noticed it was gone.

I'm looking forward to being able to share more of those stories with you.

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