Friday, May 25, 2012

Day 38 - Satay Chicken Kababs

Ok so the children loved the so much I though we would have them again tonight, and I wasn't let down, they is nothing left over. It always makes a Mum feel good when you make something the family love and keep asking for. So needless to say this will be going into the list of family favorites. I love it when I make just enough. Enough that everyone is left feeling satisfied, and not hungry, and there is little bits and pieces left over. I don't mind if there is a lot left over and it's something everyone likes because then it is easy to rehash as another meal. Not so easy when there is only little bits here and here, and they won't match up with other things you have to cook with during the week.

I was tossing up calling today's post " Cleaning out". We are determined to make the most of this diet in the whole of our lives not just out bodies. So we are cleaning out our lives. Today arrived our huge skip, for which we are planning to go through everything that we own, and remove the things not needed, broken, cluttering, getting in our way. So it's massive clean out time for the Mathewson's. I really am looking forward to having a home that functions a little better, a place for life to happen without falling over stuff. We started a little of that journey today, by throwing a few things in. If I had of know how much fun the children would have throwing their old stuff in the bin, I would have gotten a skip a lot soon. LOL! They were running around trying to find things that could go in. I had to laugh! Hopefully the weather will be accommodating and allow us to do a bit more tomorrow, as well as getting some washing dry.

Our Food Today
Mineral water and 2 Drive tablets
Breakfast balls with Broccoli, and asparagus cooked in ghee, served with a fried egg and broth gravy.
Lunch Yoghurt
Dinner Chicken Satay Kababs, with boiled broccoli, carrots, and fried mushrooms in the left over marinated.

Something that we need to work on at the moment is including more broth, more ferments, we still aren't quite in the pattern of having them with every meal, and trying to juice everyday, this one we haven't quite got the handle of how much veggies we need to buy to be able to do this daily. But we will get there. Also increasing our Bio Kult to 6 tables a day, which this the therapeutic amount. We are aiming to have all these down before we venture too much into stage 5 and have fruit.

So I thought I would leave you today with a little picture of our Breakfast this morning. We really enjoyed it and it keep us going most of the day.

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