Sunday, May 27, 2012

WOOOO HOOOO! day 40!

Yay! day 40 is here. I'm so excited about getting to day 40. I have done fasts before, chocolate fasts, meat fasts, were I have controlled myself from consuming those foods for 40 days, and then the very next day I go and enjoy with vigor the foods that I have controlled myself from. Well today I have made it 40 days and we are no where near giving up or finishing. I'm exciting about the character that this diet is building in me. I'm literally putting my life where my mouth is. I have learnt, read, studied, talked, and talked so more about natural health, about diet, and changing ones life, and now I'm actually doing it! I'm actually putting my body were my mouth is. It excited me to finally be standing on what I believe in this area. I do truly believe that if you do GAPS right, (listening to you body) that you will see results and we are. There are lots of little results that we are seeing along that way that tell us this is working. Ben's pain level alone have reduced to almost half of what they were when we began. Ben is so far 14kgs lighter and I am 12 Kgs lighter. We have also noticed that we are in the middle of cold season, and we normally would have colds of course taking ages to get rid off as by the time it gets through everyone in the family, the next one has arrived. My nose only runs now, when my body is using it to detox, in which case it normally stops by about 10am.

Today we were meant to have visitors for lunch, as our guests were sick, we didn't end up having them, also Ben didn't get enough sleep we accidentally went to bed late, so were a little tired. Oh I forgot to mention that he hasn't been snoring much lately, there is a big bonus! Anyhow so the bean cake that I cooked last night for dessert we ended up having for breakfast with yoghurt and Vanilla creme freche. Yum! We did several jobs at home and then took children for a walk around a local park and then a play. We are actually really loving walking, I think we walked for close to 2 hours today, and only towards the end did the children start to say they were tired and wanted to play at the park, lucky for them we you almost there. I love these walks, because I am out of the house, there is nothing to distract me, the children have my full attention, and can talk about things that are important to them. While this diet is giving me lots of work in the kitchen it is also making me a more fun mum. I like having this time to talk with them, and not giving the jobs, or tasks, or school work.

Food today
Mineral water - 2 Drive tablets
Bean Cake with yoghurt, creme freche, and berries.
Meatballs and veggies for Lunch
Slow cooked lamb roast and veggies.

Happy to keep going.

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