Thursday, May 24, 2012

Day 37 on GAPs Intro

Ok so after reaching the day 30 mark I took a little break from blogging, but we didn't take a break from GAPS. We are still going strong. We are currently on stage 4 and have danced a bit with stage 5. Three days ago my Daughter had here 5th Birthday and I was determined to make a GAPS cake that we could all enjoy. Ben and I were happy for one meal to have a few things further in the stages. So I made a white bean cake (Navy Beans) Oh my gosh it was so tasty, and when I finally find my camera cord I will post of pictures of it, with the recipe that I used. I was planning to make a cake, stick a doll in the middle, and then use meringue to make a whole thing a doll in a dress. Well the coconut sugar didn't work in the meringue which was probably just as well, as later I learnt that coconut sugar is not legal. SO I went with a back up plan, I had some homemade yoghurt on hand, so I coloured it pink with a little Beet Kvass, and drizzled it over the cake. Then I sprinkled the whole cake with berries, raspberries, mulberries, blueberries, cranberries, and so on, then lightly sprinkled it with some shredded coconut. I was very proud of myself for what I created and now all the children are commenting on how they want one for their birthdays. Double proud. They loved it so much. Something that made me even more proud was that Ben's parents turned up when it was time for cake, so they had a piece as well, they couldn't believe that I didn't use any flour, or sugar to make the cake. They couldn't really get there head around how I could make a cake with Beans. :0)

We have also tried cooked apples with Ghee, which tasted really yummy, but after wards we both had a few little things that made us think that we weren't quite ready for it. So will wait a week or so and then try again. I also nearly had a fire in the kitchen as I forgot about bone broth boiling and went out, only to come home to a kitchen full of smoke, Thank God that is all it was. Needless to say we are a little low on the broth this week. Will sort more out this weekend.

I'm thinking of working my way through some the recipes that Dr Natasha Campbell McBride has the GAPS book, take a picture and post in here how we liked it, or didn't what ever the case may be.

While I'm speaking about food we tried and liked, tonight we enjoyed some Amazing Satay Chicken Kebabs. I looked up a simply recipe for Satay online and converted it to GAPS.

Here is my marinate recipe.
200grams of Peanut, whizzed to make peanut butter.
1 onion
4 cloves of garlic
2 tbs of olive oil.
2 tsps of honey

Whizzed all the ingredients together to make a creamy paste, and stirred in and let sit in the fridge. Put on sticks and cook in the oven.

I did it on 180C for 35 mins.

My husband is full but he is still flying around the kitchen if hope of finding more that the children have missed. :0)

Today was a busy day in our household. We had a home school group activity which was really fun, touring a Cave. While the thought of going was really fun, there was a bit of organising food wise to make sure that we had enough food to take so we weren't hungry. Also Ben was not coming so I had to make sure that there would be things at home that he could eat.

So that being said here is our food for today
Mineral Water, and two Drive Tablets (and mix of B vitamins)
Lamb for last nights slow cooker roast, with veggies and gravy
Lunch, boiled eggs, almond bread, nuts, yoghurt, roasted pumpkin from last night, a few apples and bananas for the children.
Dinner tonight was Satay Chicken Kebabs, with boiled veggies, and sauteed mushrooms in ghee and some of the left over marinade.

I think we will all be rolling into bed tonight full, satisfied, and very tired for all the stairs we climbed today. I'm sure I will be a little or more on the sore side tomorrow.

Bye for now. If you have commented Thanks so much, it is a real encouragement to keep writing.


  1. Yay you're back! I missed you! Can't wait to try the satay yummmm

  2. Good job on the cake! Even non-GAPsters liked

    1. Yes, if there was more left you they would have had seconds.