Sunday, May 13, 2012

Day 26

Well we are balancing between stage 3/4 at the moment, eating everything from stage 3 and still slowing adding in eggs, Which we have had successfully for the last few days. I had a nice little chat over facebook with the owner of a health spa today, she is very interested in my cultures page, and grains, as she has customers that don't have big budgets to be able to buy all the probiotics that are recommended for them and would love to have another option for them. While she is thinking on the money side for the clients, I think more on the whole foods side. I would prefer to get my nutrition from food than supplements, so if their is a food option available I would much rather use that. However in saying that, we are taking Bio Kult supplements to help build up our supply of probiotics quicker. But if we didn't have the money to buy those I would really work on getting more and more cultured foods into our diets a little quicker.

Today was our big shopping day, which means it's a little busy, and I think a little more challenging on this diet, just because we are still on the stage of only eating cooked foods, which means preparation time is needed, I can't just grab am apple on the run; So in saying that we actually missed lunch, however because of having meat for breakfast, I really didn't miss it that much, I was just a getting hungry for dinner a little earlier. The children happened to be snacking on fruit until dinner.

I think the service assistant was a little shocked at how much food I was buying. I brought the children a 13kg box of bananas, which of course will make them very happy, and any that don't get eaten before turning too brown will be popped in the freezer for making pancakes, muffins, and breads. I also brought, 7 butternut pumpkins, 14 avocados, 7 broccoli, 7 Zucchini, several Cabbages, 5kg bag of carrots, 10kgs of apples, 5kg of pears, and lots more. I'm very thankful that we have a freezer full of meat, so I don't need to buy too much of that at moment. However I do look forward to a time when i know what is in the freezer again, as a lot of our meat wasn't labeled, so when we pull stuff out is a bit of pot luck what we are going to get.

Ben was listening to a talk today about links that have been found to nutrient deficiency and poor blood sugar control and criminal activity. It was shocking to hear that every child that they tested in the juvenile detention centre was positive to both of those. They weren't sick enough to make them show signs of health issues, but it was clearly enough to interact with the functioning of the normal hormonal functions of the brain, so that they could make clear choices. There was also another cases that they were talking about with a housewife who just started stealing things from shops that she visited. It wasn't that she wanted the things she took, it was more that she just couldn't stop herself from doing it. When she was tested it was discovered that she had very reactive blood sugar levels, were her body would go really high and then really low. Once the problem was treated there was no longer a problem with stealing. There was a lot more stories like this, was very interesting for us to listen too. Anyhow it got me thinking, how much of our lives are affected with things like this? How much of what I want to do, that I don't do is because of not caring for what goes into my mouth? It's an interesting thought and one that I will be pondering on for a while I think.

Food today
Mineral water
Breakfast balls, and veggies and beef stock gravy
Lunch a handful of Almond nuts
Dinner Roasted Chicken, with Butter and garlic under the skin. Carrots, broccoli, Button squash, and some amazing gravy.

Recipe for Chicken, Avocado Gravy
When Roasting the chicken I put butter and garlic under the skin, I then added white onions to the pan, with a little water.
When the roast was finished I mashed an Avocado with a little salt, and lemon juice, added the onion and pan juices from the pan and whizzed with the hand blender. Oh boy it made a delicious tasty gravy!

Oh! Here's the link to the youtube video my husband was watching. I'm still figuring out how to embed the video into the text. See you later!

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