Thursday, May 17, 2012

Guest Blog from the husband!

Christina and I started this big lifestyle change together, and I think she particularly wanted to blog as a type of accountability measure. Watching the joy that has come from her blogging, I think it has gone a little bit further beyond that! But why let her steal all the fun, I'll blog too!

Since we have reached the momentous 30 day mark I've observed a lot of changes in myself already,in terms of mentally, physically and emotionally. I think we both found the first two weeks very challenging, and it became a bit easier after the first 14 days had ended. Speaking as a testimony myself, I believe we went on the GAPS diet at exactly the right time. I have food addictions, and I LOVE starchy and sweet foods. The day before we started the GAPS journey, we brought chips home for dinner and I had my usual sneaky iced coffee which I was totally addicted too, and I think we had something sweet after that, and I had an absolutely rotten stomach ache and I said to Christina that "this diet could not have come too soon".

Physically, In the first couple of days I had this nasty tiredness and brain fog. My head really hurt and I just wanted to stay in bed. I was sore and grumpy (much grumpier than usual) Sore back complaints; actually I was sore all over! I noticed little patches on my body would get sore, and I would think it was strange. I also noticed a gradual weight loss. I think I've lost about 13 kilograms already, and It's pleasant to have friends notice. Before the diet I used to have ulcers, headaches, and a pain level in my gut just about all of the time. Today I can proudly say that I rarely get headaches, have not yet had a problem with ulcers,and my pain level is reduced by about 20%. I have had stomach problems in one measure or another for much of my life- I remember them in my late childhood and early teens, and so 20% is still a good reason to celebrate!

Mentally it's been a bit more difficult. I have read a portion of Mrs McBride's book, so I kind of understand the reason why I can't eat certain foods, but that didn't make it easier, especially in the first few weeks. I made life difficult for my longsuffering wife in the first couple of weeks announcing like a bratty teenager that "the food is boring". So glad that she was so patient and didn't give up. I also found the first two weeks difficult because of my addiction to cups of tea. I asked Christina several times when I could have a cup of tea, and the answer was always the same. I've since learned that asking her more times doesn't make the answer change, but internally I was saying I WANT A CUP OF FREAKING TEA!!!! I, like some, have also used food as a comfort, rather than a source of nourishment. Food marketing and memories have made it difficult. I remember good feelings about hot tomato soup with bread on winter days, but of course, that sort of thing is out of the question on GAPS, especially the early stages; and chocolate when you just have a blech day- forget about it. I also had unusual cravings for memory food like crumpets- I have enjoyed crumpets since I was a boy. After doing this diet I've come to appreciate whole foods I certainly didn't like as much- Zucchinis, Onions, Sauerkraut, almonds and walnuts (I have a slight addiction to nuts now, which is a whole other story); and this is all helped by the fact that Christina is a wonderful cook. The smells of the food that the children were eating really irritated me at first, but now I am happy that they are enjoying whatever they are eating. From time to time out of a love for sharing, they still shove things 20 milimeters from my face and say "do you want some of this", to which I generally reply patiently that I can't because of the diet. Beating temptation is getting quite easy, which eases my mind a lot.

It's hard to judge if my emotions have changed, but I think they have gradually. I was an emotional basketcase; because of a lack of sleep. I was often angry at the children, but usually because of my own issues. I would forget things, get confused and swear and get depressed; and while I have some issues of my own I would admit, most of the problem would stem from the fact that I was not, and could not sleep due to tummy troubles. I seemed to have two sleeping regimes - One is when I would go to bed at 11 and sleep until 3, and the other was being unable to sleep until 3 and sleep in for as long as I possibly could. On both regimes I found it difficult to get through the day and would have a day sleep. On the GAPS diet, and especially after we brought herbal supplements for energy I have found that I am sleeping a bit better at night generally and I generally don't feel the need for day sleeps. I love my children and my demeanor towards them has changed a bit too. I think I am generally more patient with them, and I certainly believe I can think better to answer their questions and statements. I am certainly a work in progress in this area, but as I start to feel better physically, I have noticed my emotions following suit. If I can do this diet ANYONE can!

I can't tell you how much I am enjoying eating Yoghurt and honey with nuts on stage 4. Almonds make me happy. Anyway that's about it, thanks for reading. Like I said... why let Christina have all the fun?

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  1. Awesome work Ben! So proud of you guys! My husband, Wade, and I are going to start soon too along with our two little boys, and it's great to get a man's perspective for him to read. Please keep us updated on how you're going for all the husband's out there to read! Thank you!!