Friday, May 4, 2012

Gaps day 18

Well we are through another Friday. 18 days with out sugar, dairy and grains, and 18 days of Blogging, wow looks like I'm committing to things. They say it takes 21 days to change a habit, well we are getting close to that , and it's looking like our life is changing. Ben is not healed yet but feeling much better. I have noticed changes in myself as well, and we are both around 10kgs lighter.

I think I need to find my camera and start taking pictures of some of our food. For me once I was able to see what our meals would look like I had a far better idea of how to prepare and make those meals. I am also learning to love food again, in a good way. Loving the taste of real food. I must admit today I was really tempted. Xavier was given a chocolate frog, which I haven't yet given to him, but just holding it and could remember to taste, and comfort it brings for that short time. However I have overcome it. One win for me and health.

Food today
Mineral water
breakfast sausages, with pasta carrots
2x biokult
Pumpkin Soup, and chicken thighs cooked in onions and tomatoes
Dinner was chicken, carrots and Gravy.

We all had eaten lots today, so I didn't really serve dinner, those that were hungry had some those that weren't didn't. Also on Fridays we go out to my mothers house, were the children have lunch, and I bring food for Ben and I so I tend to pack extra food, because I don't want us to get hungry out there with not many options of food to eat. So we will probably eat lighter tomorrow.

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  1. Loving your detailed description of what you eat and how you're feeling Christina! Thanks so much for blogging, I'm really enjoying following you xx