Monday, May 28, 2012

Elijah's Birth story

While I was pregnant with my Third child we found out our babies gender at our 22 week scan. We were so excited to find out that we would be expecting a BOY! Our first SON! We were over the moon. Then came the many debates about what we would name this boy. I have always found picking out names for boys hard than girls. For girls we want something pretty and feminine as well as meaningful, which will suit them as little girl and a women. But for a boy you want something that is going to suit as a boy, but something they will be proud to have as a Man. I have met a few men in my time that have little boys names and I really feel sorry for them. A name is important, so I prayed many times that the Lord would give me the just the right name. I remember one particular day while at a conference on raising Godly children, I remember during the worship having my hand on my belly and asking Him again for a the right name for this little one. His reply to me was that my son would be a John the Baptist type. I asked so should he be called John, No, was my reply... So I just left it at that, then over the next several weeks I keep hearing talks about Elijah and people comparing him to John the Baptist, So I shared it with Ben and we both new we now had a name for this little boy, that didn't come from us but from the one that created him.

As the days lead up to his birth, I didn't have the fear that I had with Faith about whether I could do this or not, as I now knew I could, but I did fear the pain, as I remember it quiet clearly, it had only been 15 months since I had given birth. Besides have Extreme morning sickness and Gestational Diabetes I enjoyed a reasonably trouble free pregnancy.

Due to Faith arriving a little early, my parents came down early just in case. Well I kind of felt like a watched pot. As they were travelling around the state visiting other family and friends, we were left on our own for a few days. As the baby hadn't come early they had seen everyone, they booked there tickets home, on my due date! I know doesn't make sense. Any how that was the date I went into labour. It was also the first day of Ben's new job. He had got a job as a college chaplain, and they were having a whole school assembly to introduce him and the other new staff. So he had to go!. Anyhow he was able to help me to the hospital and get me settled in, and then go. My parents had a few hours before they had to head up to the boat to go back home. So they came and stayed with me while Ben was away, and held my hand while they put in an IV and hooked me up to the monitor. Thankfully I was around 2cms in early labour and could cope ok, as for me it was a strange feeling having my parents in the room while I was labouring.

By the time Ben was able to come back my parents needed to head off, and were kicking themselves for booking their return tickets early. I was so glad to see Ben back. Labour progressed slowly. I was having Gas for quite a while which helped with the pain. However my process really slowed down, thankfully I had a midwife that was happy to get me up and moving, instead of being stuck on the monitor. So being upright really helped to get things going and with within a couple of hours I had gone from a 4cm to and 8cm and I finally lost my mucus plug.

From then on I went from and 8 to pushing in a very short time. I listened to the midwives and pushed when they told me to and as hard as I could to get him out, and get on the nice side of having a baby. SO I pushed and pushed and finally got him out with a tear that would needed stitches. Well as I was being sown up, the doctor noticed that the bleeding was not easing. That is when the real pain began. They started pulling clots out internally and massaging my uterus to try and get it to start shrinking down. Thank goodness Ben was hold Elijah because I was screaming in pain. It was pretty frightening for us both. They got the bleeding under control, pulled all the clots out, I think that part of the labour was more painful then the whole thing put together.

A day later I developed a thrombosis Hymroide which was so excruciatingly painful I wasn't able to sleep at all. Elijah was hungry and because of the pain my milk didn't come in very well, and he just wanted to be feed all the time. I was exhausted and in pain, and on top of that the other lady that I was sharing with had issues, were she wasn't with the father of her baby anymore and one of her friends had told him that the baby had arrived. So there was all these people coming into the room and then the police came to remove him and oh the drama, I didn't need. The nurses tried everything to help with the pain, Ice fingers, numbing creams. Finally the doctor came to see me, and though he would try pushing it back it. My thoughts at the time towards him were not very pleasant ones. I was so thankful that the nurse on duty told him it wouldn't work. So he ordered a surgical consult. The surgian came and straight away arranged an opteration to remove them that night. Oh the relief when the spinal block when in. I was only numb from the waist down, but I was so tired I feel asleep on the operating table. It took 5 weeks to recover from that operation and not cry everytime I needed to go to the toilet. Ben was so great, whenever I told him I need to go to the toilet he would start the bath running and got the panadol, to help with the pain.

Even with all the pain, and discomfort, it was well worth it. We were now a blessed family of three, and of course now that we had a boy everyone thought we could stop. Little did they know, or want to know that we had no intention of stopping there. :0)

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