Saturday, May 26, 2012

Day 39- The big food buy.

I totally look like a crazy person when I go shopping for buy for our family. Today I had two full over the top trolley loads of just fruit and veggies. 7 Zucchini's, 8 broccoli heads, 5 butternut pumpkins, 4 cauliflowers, asperagus, mushrooms, 10kg of carrots, 16 kg of apples, pears, 13kg of banana's celery , beetroot, and so much more. Then there was the meat, I cleaned the shop out of mince. I just stood there and took all the mince they had. I was feeling a little sorry for anyone that came after me, and just want to get a quick packet of mince. Oh well the things we do for health.

Since socialise most of the time revolves around food, we haven't gone to peoples places for meals or rushing into many food related activites. One way that we have been getting around this is of course take your own meals to places. However the next is invited people to our house for some food related activities. But of course it's Gaps food. Which for the most part people are interested in seeing and tasty what it's all about. So tomorrow we are having some friends over for a meal. I thought I would treat them with a slow cooked Lamb Roast (done in the slow cooker, while we are at church), and Bean cake, topped with yoghurt and berries again and served with some homemade vanilla cream freche. Well the bean cake is already to go. I sure they will like it as much as we did. The children are all buzzing about having it again.

Today's food
Mineral water with 2 Drive tablets ( purchased at the
Yoghurt with a little honey
Lunch was boiled mince and veggies dish.
Dinner tonight was honey mustard chicken, with veggies. Yum!

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