Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Day 28 and counting

So close to our first month, I can taste it. One month from what could be our 24 month journey to healing, or more. All depending on how fast or slowly our bodies recover from years of damage that we have been doing to them, and overcome our individual issues. I can't say that we have any big this to announce today about our healing. We have both continued to loose weight, soon Ben will need some small clothes. I have noticed that a few of the outfit that I have that were a little tight are just right at the moment. However I am looking forward to the day were I need to go shopping for clothes that fit me.

My arms got a work out today as I filled a 10 litre bucket up with cabbage for making sauerkraut. We are blessed enough to have a second fridge were I can make ferments in bulk and store them in that fridge until needed. Which means that I don't have to be making them all the time.

Today we introduced a little Kombucha, which was so nice after only drinking water or herbal teas. So far so go. Ben is not feeling crash hot today, he didn't sleep well last night. He said it was different kind of pain. Before it has been like a band of pain across the stomach, but now it feels like his stomach is starting to work. Which sounds positive.

Food today
Mineral water
Beef stirfry, made with chicken stock
Omelet with Avocado
Bolognese Mince and veggies, using beef stock to make, with a dollop of kefir cream cheese on top. This went down a treat the children all loved it, and wanted seconds.

By for now.

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