Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Day 16 on Intro

So last night Ben tried the Oxy-powder and this morning it worked! I think we were both relieved when he went to the toilet. Then went to the toilet again. Then went to the toilet again. Afterwards his stomach pain was dramatically reduced! What a relief that it, Physically and Emotionally. LOL

We are also moving on to stage three, which is Great news for Ben as he has so been looking forward to pancakes, and for me I have been looking forward to scrambled eggs. We were on stage 2 for 11 days, and I guess we could take it slower but we are both feeling pretty good, if we had more issues then we would stay back. We are currently on 1 bio Kult daily, and 2 heaped TB spoons of cultured veggies with dinner. Our goal is the get up to six bio - kults, and a serving of cultured veggies with each meal. We also looking forward to introducing cultured dairy.

Yesterday I made 3kgs of Ghee. Ben is totally in love, and I'm sure it makes everything taste better!

The weather here at the moment is wet and miserable, perfect for staying inside, not as much fun for the children, but great of warm comforting food and soups. While Ben has reduced pain and more comfortable, however he is very tired. He hasn't slept real well over the last few nights, so is also on the grumpy side. I'm hoping that with less pain and having relieved himself today that tonight will be much better. Fingers crossed, Prayers said.

Food for today
Mineral water
Lamb Broth
Scrambled eggs with sauteed onions in Ghee and Avocardo
Pumpkin soup with added ghee, oh sooooo tasty! you really much try it sometime.
Boiled veggies with lamb casserole. Yum still licking my lips from that one.

Next thing on our to do list at the moment is fill our vegges gardens with food we can eat. I think at this point we don't have the energy to start from seeds, so we are going to buy a heap of seedlings and fill it up. We will save seeds til next season.

Bye for now. Please feel free to ask any questions that you would like me to talk about on here.

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