Sunday, May 6, 2012

Gaps day 20 - The Norm.

So I am still hanging out to eggs in our diet, and Ben is hanging out for some variety as well. So we gave them another go today in Omelete form. Well so far so good for me, Ben however is feeling a little heavy in the stomach after having them, so we will wait and see how things go tomorrow, as to whether I can have them or not.

Ben REALLY MISSES SNACKING. I have to laugh at him so much because today he was sulking over a packed of chips. He was very very sad because of them. It is actually hysterical watching a grown man writhe around because he can't have them. In actual fact he is really grieving the fact that he is not a 'normal' person, in his own mind. He is really frustrated that he can't be like all these other (seemingly normal) people that can eat apparently whatever they like and there is no consequences. However he isn't actually seeing that they are not healthy. Yes, they may be normal and eating normal food, from the point of view of statistic norms. However that same 'norm' spend a lot time dealing with headaches,prescription drugs, chronic illness, colds, immune issues, needing pills to live normal lives, and needing care.

The more I think about it the more I actually don't want to eat like the norm, because I don't want to have to deal with the health issues that face the norm. I want to eat like a nourished person, because someone that is nourished in every way in their life, don't face these issues. That is the life that I want for me and my family.

On another interesting note, on Friday my children consumed some unhealthy food, I am allowing them to choose for themselves, so that they can learn the lessons of greater health. They were given lollies, which they happily consumed. We my eldest daughter had been having a few bed wetting issues. Well most of the week they eat Gaps food. During the week she had no issues with wetting the bed, and she even commented to me that her stoles were really good. However Friday night she wet the bed, and my second eldest daughter had a sniffy nose that evening and night as well, and my last daughter broke out in eczema. Well two days back on GAPS foods, and they are getting back to being well. I'm hoping that this lessons is not a long one for them to learn.

mineral water
Chicken stock
Stir fry veggies, in a mix of ghee and broth.
Roast Lamb with roasted veggies
Omelet with stir fried veggies.

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