Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Day 15 on Intro

Day 15, Well I'm pretty sure that the runny nose has more to do with not having a detox bath than anything else. Then last few days I avoided peas as I thought that was the culprit, and it went away. However I was also having detox baths. Well yesterday I missed my detox bath and again this morning I had a runny nose. SO DON'T MISS THE DETOX BATH CHRISTINA!

I was so excited to open the do to the postman today! Yay our package arrived and we have our Bio Kult, Oxy -Powder, Drive, Fermented Cod liver oil, and our Veggie Twister. We were all excited about the veggie twister, and I totally thought I would make veggie pasta today but I forgot that I salmon that needed to used. So maybe tomorrow.

Ok so the Bio Kult is DR Campbell McBrides recommended brand, and the idea is that you increase the dose over a period of time until you get to the therapeutic level, during the healing process, then you can reduce them once you are healed.

Oxy- Powder is to help Ben constipation problem and get things going more naturally.

Drive is to help Ben with emotion stability, but more importantly to give him energy. They are full of B Vitamins, so we will see how that goes.

So this week's aim is now to introduce them in a see how things go. I'm hoping well. We would also like to introduce yoghurt and nuts as well. The family are pretty keen to get into having pancakes. I think we are doing really well at the moment, progress for Ben is slow, but it is happening. Something that I love about this diet, is that it's like a course in the basics of cooking traditional foods. It's a great lead up for Nourishing Traditions. I also think to that if you commit to a year or more on the diet you have worked really hard to clean out your body and only put good stuff in, when you are finished you wouldn't want to then go and stuff it full of crap after that. Hence the good lead up to traditional cooking, which is mostly prepared at home and takes time, with soaking, fermenting and so on. I Highly recommend this diet to anyone, whether you think you are ill or not.

Food for today
Mineral Water
Breakfast Balls with pouched eggs
We had a late breakfast we missed lunch and had an early dinner
Pouched Salmon with boiled veggies, carrots, zucchini, broccoli, Brussels sprouts. Served with Fermented Veggies.

I would love to hear about your journey on GAPS so please feel free to share.

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