Sunday, April 29, 2012

Gaps day 13

Pea!. I think I'm having a reaction to peas. I mentioned in previously how before starting the diet that almost every morning I was waking up with a runny nose. Shortly after starting intro that stopped, now over the last few day it has started again. I looked back over my posts and I think the symptoms started very mildly after adding peas to our diet. So I'm taking a few steps back and seeing what happens. The other possibilities is that it could be a die off symptom, as I haven't been having my detox baths lately, and they body uses mucus to remove toxins from the systems, and as we have quiet alot of die off and detoxing happening over night and predominantly in the early mornings, that could also be the reason. Will make sure that I continue those baths. Will update you on how that goes.

Ben said to me this morning that he is feeling 25% better than normal. I think it would be even more than that if he wasn't constipated. He has been have carrot juice to try and combat that, so far not much luck. I have ordered a few things in the supplement orders to hopefully help with that as well. We are also thinking about starting him on Yoghurt, so that he can get some of those probiotics down into the lower parts of the digestive system. So I will keep you up dated on that one as well.

Providing us with much fun at the moment is a bout of hiccups, which he is finding hilarious! While there is not poo, there may well be wee if he keeps laughing and hicuping like this. (joking nothing to worry about, just a drink going do wrong)

I was asked today how I am feeling, I'm feeling quite good, it would be great if I can get rid of this nose runny again. Currently have Lamb and beef stock on the stove at the moment. I can't believe that we have been through well over 22 litres of stock so far.

We were talking today about how so much of our lives is about food. One of the interesting parts about being on this diet is looking for ways to socialize that don't include food. Also looking for entertainment that doesn't involve food. We were thinking of going to the movies last week but didn't think that we could handle it,the smell of popcorn, and the thought of sweets, and soft drink were too much. I suggested to Ben that he should go play with the guitar. Which later he thanked me for. It helped brighten his mood.

See you tomorrow for our two week anniversary of being on GAPS.

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