Monday, April 23, 2012

Gaps Intro day 7

WOW!, day 7!. We have been doing this for a week. I think apart from self control, the hardest part, coming from the Mumma of the house, is managing to cook food at the right times. Like remembering to put the meat in the slow cooker in the morning for the evening meal or there will be no dinner.

Today Ben and I read a blog post on GAPS from a man's point of view it was SO funny, and really good and encouraging. I totally recommend reading it.

I noticed something today while filling out our daily journal, one of the questions is do you have a runny nose. Well actually over the last couple of months I have been waking up with a runny nose everyday. Not a cold, but a runny nose. Now mucus is one way the body safely removed toxins from the system. Well after two days my morning runny nose had stopped. I no longer wake up needing a tissue. I have been a little ill today, I'm not sure if it was because of the introducing something that we are not ready for or if it was a tummy bug, as Xavier has been sick with high temps for 4 days, and two of the other children were a little off as well. However I am feeling fine this evening is if it was a tummy bug, it was over pretty quickly. I also think I'm starting to get used to drinking more water. I really noticed in the first few days that I was really thirst, but I wasn't really drinking enough water I don't think.

Ben had another ruff night but is feeling slightly better than normal, SO hopefully it will continue to get better and he will find more sleep. Another positive note is that He has lost weight. I'm looking forward to the day when I can write one here that he has no more pain.

Another positive thing is that with such a limited diet once you start making the meals, you know what your cooking. You don't have all these choices to choose from. It's simplified, and you learn to appreciate food more.

Something I'm not looking forward to is going out. Over the beginning of this year we started a routine of visiting my mother and normally that would include lunch. I'm not looking forward to telling her that Ben and I won't be eating the food, I'm hoping she will be understand and not offended. So we will see how that goes, on Friday. Must stay strong.

Foods introduced today, we had peas again,egg yolk,broccoflower green beans, and fermented veggies.

Food for today
Mineral water
Chicken stock with an egg yolk mixed in.
Boiled mince, in beef stock, with peas and carrots, garlic and onion.
Lunch was Leek soup made with Leeks and beef broth
Dinner was boiled pork, with beans, carrots and masked broccoflower. With a serving of ferment veggies.

Also we are trying Chamomile tea today.
Thanks for reading see you tomorrow.

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