Wednesday, April 18, 2012

GAPS Day one

We have decided to do the intro diet together, but to let the children have other foods, that are GAPS legal but not just intro food. So I give the intro food, and if they are hungry they can have an apple, or something else. The main reason for this is that our children don't seem to have a lot of issues health wise that need dealing with. Also as the detox can leave you tired, foggy, and irritable we don't really need a whole household like that at the moment. :0)

OK so Day 1.
We woke up and had room temp mineral water, let it sit while I reheated some chicken stock. I then put some cauliflower in a pot to make soup with. SO from morning and through lunch we had Cauliflower soup. For lunch I gave our children a fried egg, cooking in rendered pig fat. Then for dinner, we had Pork chops that were cooked in thee slow cooker with enough water to cover, and onions, and carrots, boiled pumpkin,and broccoli. Once the meat was cooked I removed the meat and carrots and put aside. I them took the onions and some of stock to cook the meat in put it in a wide mouth jar and blended them with my stick blender, to make a very tasty GAPS gravy. Was actually very tasty.

Also at the beginning of each day we take a few minutes to fill out a health chart, so we can keep track of changes in our bodies, and symptoms. This list includes Number of hour sleep, stools, medications, Nausea, vomiting, Diarrhea, and so on. Also adding any symptoms that are not common, or special notes.

By about mid afternoon I became really foggy with my thinking. I also failed to have a detox bath at the end of the day, which I paid for that night, as I had really bad headache all night during my sleep, Not enough to fully wake me up, but enough to stop me getting into a really deep solid sleep.

Well that's all for day one.

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