Sunday, April 22, 2012

Gaps Intro day 6.

Yay! we are on stage 2, well the start of it anyway.

Today we introduced fermented veggies, and peas into our diet. I'll let you know how that has gone tomorrow. We now have far more choices open to us and I'm really trying not to rush it by introducing too many things at once. We are vaguely following "What can I eat Now" 30 days on Gaps Intro ebook by Healthy, Home, and Happiness. Now it really should take you longer than 30 days to fully complete Gaps intro, taking your time to make sure that everything is sitting well with your body, Healing takes time. However it is a really good resource that can help you get a good idea about each stage and recipes that you can follow.

So we will be staying on stage two until we have included everything that you can include at this stage back in. But one or two things at a time so we can see if there are reactions, so it might take a while. Or then again we might get feed up of same stuff and move forward quicker. Will see how we go.

Ok Yesterday Ben had a really bad stomach pain, I have now asked him to number the pain so I can have more of an idea about whether it is getting better or not. Yesterday was a 5, today was a 4. Yay small victory. Also helped along by a bowel movement. Lack of BM stopped him from sleeping last night, finally getting to bed around 5 this morning. Which has been a common thing in our house over the several years. So far last night was the only night that we has been up this late since we started, so I'm hoping to see less and less of these nights in the future. On another interesting note, Ben has his normal day sleep this afternoon, after which he woke up and shared a very vivid dream, were he was hiding in a cupboard and ate some dry biscuits...LOL. then in the dream asked me if the diet could be salvaged, my reply was no.... SO He then continued to eat the whole packet of dry biscuits. LOL I think someone is missing sweet biscuits.

Last night I saw GAPS Diet Course Two on YouTube. Course 1 is there are well. Which is really worth watching if you are thinking about doing this diet, or just interested to know more about it. The teacher Melissa Washburn also had bad stomach pains like Ben so it was really encouraging to hear that it took about a month on the diet before she saw some real changes in herself. I also really love how she talks about The diet just being one aspect of healing (a pretty major one). She has come up with an Acronym for the Healing journey.

H- Hunger no more - Nourish yourself physically, emotionally, spiritually.

E- Eliminate Toxins (emotional and physical) and stresses that keep you stuck. End the negative chatter in you mind. Exercise!

A - Adopt your life - the life you want. Attitude and Gratitude. Allow for rest, rejuvenation, and sleep.

L- Let love be your motive. Love God, self, family, health, life and opportunities. Work on Loving relationships. Love your work.

Which really sums things up well. As we all know eating is not just about putting food in you mouth. There is a psychological side to food and eating that we all partake in. Whether it be a particular food smell that reminds of you childhood, or a time you were sad, or happy, etc. For me I wasn't doing too badly eating more of the should eat foods, and lot less of the should not eat foods. Then my father passed away. Well Chocolate became my friend. I couln'td walk into a shop with money in my pocket and not buy any. It was my go to drug of choice, if you like. So when you take all those foods out of your life, you need to be prepared to face those emotional battles with something new. I'm yet to struggle there, but I'm sure there will come a time when I will need to face a demon with out chocolate in my corner to numb the pain. As am a believer I hope it will bring me closer to my Lord.

Ok Food for today
Mineral water
Chicken stock - I was filled by that I didn't want anything else this morning.
Snack - Ferment pickle.
Lunch - Yesterdays Pumpkin soup. Scoring another meal I didn't have to cook.
Dinner - Was boiled slow cooked chicken, with peas and carrots, and a choice of fermented veggies, about 2 tbs. I have made a few so that we can feel like we have more variety and not so limited. We have Saurkraut, pickles, Kimchi, and purple carrots.

So we will see how those go tomorrow. Also a detox bath. I'm currently trying to have them daily.

See you tomorrow, and any questions please feel free to leave me a comment.

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