Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Gaps Intro day 9

Day 9 done and dusted. For me at this point things are getting good. I've settled in to the routine more, and am no longer having head aches. I think the one thing that I really miss at the moment is snacks. You know once the children have gone to bed, and mum and dad treat themselves, with a little something. Lately that has been chocolate. I'm also missing something to crunch. However I think I am settling in at this stage. I'm a little afraid to move on. Not sure if that makes sense but I feel like we have made so much progress, that I don't want to mess it up. My body is feeling good, I'm losing weight, symptoms to going away. So I don't want to ruin any of that by moving to fast along the program. I explained to my mum today that we are doing a diet, so Ben and I will be bring our own lunch to her house on Friday , and she will be cooking for the children. She took it really well. She knows the pain that Ben has been through so is thankfully very understanding. I did have another test today, one of the children near by had a birthday today, and we were invited to come over to diner and cake, Ben didn't think he would cope at this stage with all the temptation. So I took the children, which was fine because it was a communal dinner there wasn't any real need for me to eat. I just eat before I went. The children however might have learnt a little lesson. They has pizza, and chips and bread, cake, ice cream and so on. Well very shortly after coming back home, Elijah vomited. The older children knew straight away it was because of the food. One of them even said to me that maybe they need to stay on the gaps food. yay! I'm trying not push them at all, just letting them learn there own lessons on this. Of course most of their food at home is gaps food, with a few extra, and I try not to allow them to spend too much of their pocket money on lollies, instead encouraging them to spend there money of other things that they would love to buy. Today was the first day that Ben woke up before me and got straight out of bed. Normally he is really tired and would stay in bed for a while. He has very little in the way of symptoms today, of course still his stomach pain but he is lot better than he was yesterday. Also much better in his mental state as well. Very pleased. I don't really like living with a Ogre much. He says he is getting bored with the food, so maybe I need to move on for that reason. We will see. I made some more pickles today that are on the bench fermenting as I type. We also had some family over for a quick visit and was able to share about what we are doing with the diet and so on. I even sent them home with three bottle of fermented veggies. :0) Ok so food for day. Mineral water Beef stock. Then turkey Chicken soup. I enjoyed this soup so much we had that for lunch and Dinner. Thanks for reading :0)


  1. I hope you took before pictures of you and Ben!!!

  2. I'm sure we have some lying around :0) So far Ben has lost 6kg, and have lost 5kg. Insert Smile here :0)