Friday, April 20, 2012

Gaps Intro day 4.

Wow! Four days down! I feel like I need to stand up in on of those meetings and confession. My Name is...... and I am currently 4 days sober from sugar, grain, and dairy. The more I go on with this diet the more clearly I am thinking. The first few days were just complete fog and tiredness. I really wished I could just sleep it off until I got better. I mentioned before that my rash was clearing. Well that has continued to clear more today. I have started to loss weight which is something I really need to do. I also have been testing my blood sugars and ketones levels to make sure I know what is going on in my body. SO far so good.

Food today
Mineral water
Chicken stock and Sauerkraut juice.
Both Ben and I were feeling full after our morning stock so we didn't bother with anymore food.

For lunch we had some of the left over Lamb, breakfast sausages, and veggies in stock/gravy, with some pumpkin soup.

Dinner tonight was boil whole chicken, with Cauliflower mash boiled carrots and broccoli, with chicken stock/ gravy. Yum! I and enjoy it more and more.

SO tomorrow is day Five and after that we are moving on the stage two and introducing more foods into our diets. I am totally looking forward to the ferment veggies. With all this cooked food I find myself hanging out for something crunchy. :0)

Today was a bit of Testing day for me. Up until now I have been at home, with no vehicle and only the food we are allowed to eat. So today I had to catch the bus into town and pick the van up. So while in town the children wanted a drink, so we quickly stopped into a shop and got them a apple juice and a little take away snack, as we are not making them do the Gaps diet, but that is what they are exposed to 80% of the time if not more. So the smells of that junk food were very present. I don't think I would have coped as well if it was day 1, 2, or 3. Next was the supermarket. Which I must say I think I did really well, I just went in and got what I need and left as quickly as I came. No hanging around to us today.

Ben's brain fog has cleared mainly but has almost gone. However He is still having stomach pains, which is somewhat to be expected as he has has almost constant stomach pains for the last ten for so years that I have know him. I'm so looking forward to the day when He no longer has that pain.

I was saying to a friend today that we have drawn a line in the sand and are making our stand again poor health and pain.


  1. I'm following you for sure. This sounds exciting and daring. The hope that you can get through this stage is high. I've been reading for months now about gaps and do hope to prepare and plan for later in the year to take the plunge. What an exciting time for you all. I'm excited for you. And I hope you don't mind, I posted a comment from you on my facebook citing your blog. It's how I've always felt, but seldom act on. My 3 children (all under 4), all have food allergies. I struggle and it hurts them. Be strong in the Lord!!

    1. Thanks so much for your support and encouragement. I hope this experience can encourage you in your journey to health for you and your family. Very happy for you to share my blog on your page. It took us a good year of thinking a looking and talking about it before we were ready to take the leap into this journey. Also don't worry if you have to start many times before you fully get there. Happy answer any questions that you have if I can.