Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Gaps Intro day 8

I feel like today was the a day to start getting life back to normal, it was our first big adventure out as a family while on Gaps. We took the children to the library and the shops to spend their pocket money and birthday money. They have been waiting nearly two weeks due to the car being out of order. I started study again, I have put it off whole on the first part of intro because my mind just couldn't take in the information at the time, for those of you that don't know I'm studying to be a naturopathy, and nutrition is my current subject of study. Actually now I'm starting to thinking that maybe at the end of my study I might take on the training to be a GAPS Consultant as well, but that is a while a way so we will see when we get there. It has been the same with the children school work, up until now I didn't really have the brain space to teach them or even correct their work. However life is starting to fall back into normal. We took out some great books from the Library about Volcano's as Sophie has been talking about them the last couple of weeks, so I though why not jump into a unit study on them, so we have some interesting reads, and I got a build your own volcano kit, which you build, paint, and then erupt. So we will have some great fun with that and it's totally not food related. :0) I think one of the biggest challenges is when cooking not to just stick things in your mouth. At the moment I'm tending my cultures to keep them alive, I'm making yoghurt, Kefir, milk and water, and Kombucha, the children are eating them but we are waiting until we introduce them back into the diet, which we are not that far away from doing, I want to wait until after we get our probiotics and supplements. We have ordered them but they are probably still a week away. I know that we probably should have got them before we started the diet, but we had a window of opportunity were we couldn't really go to far from home, and could get strong on the diet before we HAD to face the world, so we took it. So I'm very excited about that order coming. Something that I have been thinking about recently is that just because you are limited to your food choices doesn't mean you can't be creative. I have also order a veggie twister
Which I think is really fun. It means that I can add noodles to our soups to make life more fun. I'm also thinking of trying to make a seafood soup, just to change this up and exposes us to lots of variety will still in the limitations. I feel like my creative juices in the kitchen are coming back. SO I'll keep you up dated on those as I give them a try. After watching Course 2 of the GAPS Diet on Youtube, we heard more abut magnesium and think that Ben in particular my have a deficiency in that area. So we have also ordered some Magnesium oil for us. So will let you know how that goes and how we are using it when it arrives. We also brought another juicer yesterday, we did have one but I gave it away when we brought our thermomix but as we soon will be introducing carrot juice every day we thought having one would be handy, this particular is not top of the range, but it does separate the pulp and the juice which means that it's easier to keep the pulp for a recipe, or to feed our worms. We have also got our Fermented Cod liver oil coming as well. We have been taking it for just over a month, before we started the diet, but stop everything we had start and will reintroduce it back in slowly when they arrive. One step at a time, so it seems that we will be here on stage two for a while now. Oh we received a package in the mail yesterday, I had totally forgotten that I had ordered them, it was actually a couple of months ago, they were a preorder item. In the package was 5 fun egg and pancake pans, they are all different shapes, like a heart shape, star shape, a pig, a frog, and a bear. SO this is another way I'm going to make food fun in our house. Yesterday when we were in the Library, I heard Ben sneeze. It wasn't until that point that I realised that I actually hadn't heard him sneeze for while, and neither had I. Before starting the diet we both would have sneezing fits almost daily were we would sneeze over and over again. Ben in particular had lots of mucus and sinus, itchy eyes, and the like. So there is another positive for doing this. However saying that today was his worst day feeling his stomach was bad, he was irraible, grumpy, snappy, and generally unpleasant to be around. We both have lost some weight. Not sure how much as we don't own some scales but we are thinking of buying some so that we can monitor that side of things as well. Ok enough chatter here is what we eat today. Mineral water - we are making a mix of water and colloidal minerals in a jug ( we purchase ours from and leave on the table overnight so that it is room temp in the morning. Chicken stock Lunch we had left over pork, diced and heated in some stock with peas and carrots. Dinner was boiled turkey legs, in chicken stock, served with peas, carrots, and Marrow, with chicken and onion gravy. Ok bye for now. Christina.

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