Wednesday, April 18, 2012


For those of you that actually know my family, know that my husband has some very painful stomach issues. Over the years we have done a number of things that have really helped, like introducing probiotic foods, like kefir, kombucha, sour dough breads, fermented veggies and so on. However the stomach pain is still hanging on. So now we have decided it's time to take some more drastic steps to actually healing the gut. So after about a year of considering, pondering, researching, and planning, we have decided to take the plug and do the GAPS Diet. Now we are doing it not only for his health but also mine. I'm currently over weight and have been struggling with Gestation Diabetes with all my pregnancies, and we as a few other things. So I'm hoping that this time will be a healing time for us all. I would love to get my body in line/ order before having another baby. I dream of one day being able to have problem free pregnancy and birth. Also my husband and I are currently both studying natural Medicine. Ben is doing Herbal Medicine, and I am studying to be a Naturopath. For me I can see how the GAPS Diet would be helpful for a large number of people, so if it's something that I would proscribe I would like to have first hand experience with it. SO on my Cultures page I was asked if I was blogging about this experience and at the time I didn't really think about doing that. However as I think more about it I actually think blogging about the experience would be helpful to me and to other as we go along.

SO Yes I'm going to blog about it.

Day one coming up. Oh and Please mind my typos I have extreme brain fog at the moment. I hope you can read what I'm writing and will fix it when I have a clearer mind. :0)

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