Wednesday, January 11, 2012


We are growing Pumpkins at the moment. We have several different types small ones, big ones and some in between. I'm hoping we get lots because pumpkins are one of veggies that sort well, most of the time. However in hoping that we get lots, I actually don't have that many uses for them. My family are not real fans of Baked Pumpkin, they will eat some pumpkin soup. Although there is a limit to how much pumpkin soup you can eat. I have recently discovered pumpkin and Feta Risotto which I love. I also enjoy a roast pumpkin salad. So I'm on a mission to find pumpkin recipes that my family will enjoy. I don't want it to be a vegetable that my just endures but one they actually enjoy and ask for. So I would love to hear your favorite recipes.

Thanks Christina

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  1. Christina, we love pumpkin risotto (well nearly all of us) and we also enjoy mashed pumpkin & potato - especially in winter. I have also used grated pumpkin in quiches and vegetable bakes. But I think one of our all time favourite uses for pumpkin is pumpkin scones and pumpkin fruit cake. I've also heard of people making pumpkin ice-cream - though we've never tried that one yet.
    Hope they grow well and that you will be blessed with a wonderful harvest.
    Might have to get Brooke to help me search for recipes and try them!