Sunday, January 1, 2012

Thanksgiving ~ New Years!

I don't know about you but Christmas and New Years are a depressing time of the year for me. While there is some joy in it all, I do suffer from feelings of being less than.

New years has traditionally been a time of reflecting over that year that has been, and what you have done with it. Then making a resolution to do better, take on a new challenge, a new goal for the year to come. For me, I am more inclined to think about all the mistakes I have made and the faults that I have. How bad I have been, How I have not done this right, how I wrecked that, how I haven't cared for my family well enough, and so on. So no wonder I feel depressed spending all that time thinking about basically how crap I am.

So today, is New Years day, and I am feeling down. However I am thinking that it might be time to start a new tradition.

All this time I have been focusing on me. Kind of self involved, don't you think. So in my pondering today I thought the best way to get your eyes off yourself, and on the Jesus and The Father is to think about what you are thankful for. So I have decided to start a new tradition for our family and that is the celebrate thanksgiving day on New Years day. Hold a special meal, special not fancy. Where we each take time to share what we are thankful for during the year that has passed and pray together as a family asking for help, guidance, and vision for the year to come.

In the spirit of New Years Resolutions, mine is to spend more time, playing, loving, reading and enjoying time with my children and Husband. Also asking the question, "Am I over involving myself in things that I shouldn't be?", "Am I taking away from what my calling is, by doing ..."

I pray that you have a blessed New Year and it is all you wish it to be.

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