Thursday, December 22, 2011

Perfect Christmas Madness

I wish that one year I will have Christmas all wrapped up. A craft ready each day for the children to do, Cards sent out, decorations up, presents made, brought, and wrapped, meals sorted, a clean house on top of all that and a partridge in a pear tree!

It seems like I fail at many of those things on my list, this year, and in fact most years. But I still live in hope that I will make the perfect Christmas happen. I wonder if anyone else suffers from that pressure, to have the perfect Christmas, buy the perfect present that .... is going to love, to make the perfect meal, to be the perfect host.

I must admit that I'm not perfect at anything.... so why is there still this idea in my head that I can be perfect at all those things. Instead I think I need to resolve myself to the fact that I am not perfect nor will I ever be (this side of heaven). So why not then create my own new ideas of Christmas. Let it be a fun time together doing things when we can, while we can. One day my children will be all grown up and I may not get to see them for Christmas. So stop worrying about making everything prefect and just enjoying being together while they are with me.

I Pray that you too have a blessed Christmas, and don't get pulled into this idea of the perfect Christmas and enjoy being together with your family, and friends, spending time, sharing a meal and playing together. Merry Christmas!

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