Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Little things.

My how the little things can change the day or how you feel about it. Today was a busy day cleaning up after our adventures with the vomit bucket. While my husband did a great job of looking after everyone, he didn't manage to catch all the vomit. So with 5 people in the house vomiting you can imagine we had lots of washing of sick towels, bedding, vomit buckets, to do. So on the scale of things I like doing with my day, this is going to be full of things that are not my favorites.

Needless to say my emotions were a bit on the gloomy side. However after a short stint in the garden, a quick water, and look, I felt so optimistic again. Seeing the new life, new fruit growing that is going to soon be feeding my family and keeping us busy, preserving and processing, more work, but enjoyable work. I felt hope that is too will so pass. The washing will get finished, as long as we keep washing.

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