Tuesday, December 20, 2011

More Children!

Yes more children! I would love to have more children! I get asked a lot if we are done yet or will we keep going? My simple answer is Yes! My long answer is I'm loving this sooooo much, why would I want to stop. When I cuddle my baby, kiss him, feed him, spend time with him, I am so in love. Plus the more I have the better I'm getting at it. As I go along I learn more about myself and about loving, caring and bonding with my babies. The joy that they bring into my life is astounding! Yes there are times when you are sleep deprived and weary, we all have those hours, days, weeks, sometimes months, but the joy and delight they bring is so worth any of that.

There are longer answers to this question. However my simple answer is, why would I want to give this up, I'm just getting good at it. :)

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  1. I entirely agree - not only have I personally experienced the joy of growing up in a big, close, Christian family but I firmly believe that God opens the womb (in the biblical phraseology) - He gives life and calls children blessings so why limit the joy He gives us? Just because sacrifice comes with it does not mean we should push it away. We can trust Him to bless us with as much as we can handle by His grace. :D