Monday, December 19, 2011

One sick, all Sick

One of the more challenging things about having a bigger than normal family is when you are sick. If one get something, everyone gets it mostly. This weekend has been one of those weekends for us. We had Christmas early due to some of the family being in the country. So we had Christmas lunch at my husbands Grandmothers house, which is about an hours drive from our house. On the way home one of our daughters vomited. Now this was the same night as the carols by candle light that we like to attend. So we pulled Ervy the van over, and cleaned up some of the mess. Thinking that her vomiting may have been caused by the long drive home after eating too much food we decided to take her home and put her in the bath a long with her little brother who was asleep in the back. The other children were really excited about going to Carols so talked me into taking them along on my own. So we went, put our rug down near some friends and enjoyed sing and waving our candles. As the night progressed Elijah announced to me that he wasn't feeling very well. We had had a long full day and Carols where nearing the end, so I suggested that he lay down on the rug. He was happy to do that for a while. However his friends were there and enjoying the fun of dancing over near the corner of the stage. So he joined in.... Well then it began.... He started vomiting.... right there in front of everyone.... Oh gosh the embarrassment....But slightly funny at the same time. Another child had come up to him amd stood there watching him vomit..."Your vomiting!" Really? The minds of children can be so funny at times, vocalising the obvious.

So that was the end of Carols, I packed the rest of the children up and took them home. While it was the end of the carols it was not the end of the vomiting! I phoned my husband on the way home and told him to get the bath running for Elijah to get in, and explained the situation. Mean while he is wetting himself on the other end of the phone about it all. Not so sure he would have been laugh if the situation was reversed. So after getting home and cleaning everyone up, we prepared for the long night.

My Marvellous husband was the king of catching vomits. That night we have 5 of our 6 children vomiting, and I was as well. At one point Isaac and I were sharing a vomit bucket. And trying to get a 2 year old to vomit into a bucket is a feat in itself. He would start crying then do a small vomit, while you were cleaning that one up, he would walk off and start vomiting somewhere else.

If we didn't laugh we would have cried!

Thankfully the worst of it is over with, and now we are on recovery and clean up. I think we have a few clean towels in the house. But tomorrow hopefully we are feeling up to a good clean out.

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