Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Be Silly With Your Children!

Are silly with your children?

Silly faces
As Mothers we often spend a lot of time thinking about the day to day things.

* Making sure everyone is dressed
* Are they warm?
* Are they feed
* Is the food is healthy?
* Is the house is some what tidy?
* Have done the school work ?

Getting the bills paid, running the errors, and all the other serious stuff that we have to think about in our busy lives.

With all this busy-ness we can often forget to be silly with our children. Spending time just playing and letting go of the stress is both good for them and good for us.

When we smile and be at least a little silly our brains release endorphins which make us feel good, and in return it does wonders for our stress levels, and the general health of our bodies.

So in saying that, what do you do to be silly with your children?

Here are our top 5 silly things that we do with our children. 

1. Turning the music on loud and Dancing it out. 

What ever type of music you like, whether is be worship, rock, pop, the sound track from Frozen. Turn it on and just sing and dance it all out.  This is also a great way to get exercise, and you don't feel like you are because you are just having fun together.

2. Family Opera! 

When things get stressed, and trouble is brewing, you can turn that around by singing. If you come to our house you might be lucky or unlucky to find us singing the mundane tasks we are doing.  "I'm doing the dishes, wash off that food..." at the top of our lungs.

3. Making silly faces. 

Children love pulling silly faces,  and it's a great way to try and make each other laugh. Use your iphone, ipad, computer, and play with how silly you can make the photos look. But you don't need technology to have a "Silly Face Competition".

4. A tickle fight. 

There are very few a live that don't like even a little tickle, and the sound of your children laughing is one the best medicines for the stress of the day.

5. Reading a Book!

The book can be silly or not, but just by doing the voices you will be bringing the story alive for your children and creating a fun experience for you all.

SO the next time you are feeling that tension is high, everyone is fighting, then do something silly with your children to help you all feel good.

Please leave me a comment. I would love to know what silly things you do with your children. 


  1. Love it! We have water fights in the summer as well as the things you mentioned :)

    1. Water Fights are always fun in summer :)

  2. Oh I love being silly and getting 'the giggles' with my boys! But now that I'm heading into the teen years with my eldest, he's too cool for that. Beautiful post. x

    1. Oh thank you. Yes I think I need to enjoy it while I can. They grow far too quickly!

  3. Yes we're very silly at my place, sometimes mine tell me I'm not funny but I think I am. Too much serious stuff to do as a parent! Great suggestions. Thanks for linking :)

    1. Thanks for having me. I'm having so much fun reading through everyones blogs. Some Light headed Silliness doesn't everyone a world of good. :)

  4. Sometimes on special occasions we play the lettuce leaf game. Each person takes a small amount of mayo and places it on their forehead. To this they stick a lettuce leaf. Over a period of sometimes hours lettuce leaves fall off. The last person to have a leaf stick is the winner. Conversation is held as normal, dinner is eaten as usual but everyone has a lettuce leaf stuck to there forehead.

    1. I could imagine that being so much fun. LOL