Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Week 6 Blog.

Well this week I haven't been exercising. Exhaustion has hit big time this week, I can't believe how tired I am. Last week I was fine, this week I would have a day sleep at any moment. Nausea is starting as well. Thankfully so far I haven't vomited, but waves of feeling sick are starting to come through out the day at different times. So far my blood sugars have been good. I'm actually a bit of a monitoring addict. I can easily test 6 times a day, because I'm really interested in what my blood sugar is doing.

In regards to morning sickness, I'm having a love hate relationship with it. On one hand I really really don't want to be sick, it's not nice, it's not fun, and it effects everyone in my family. However it always makes me loss weight, which is something I really need to help this be a healthy pregnancy, also I means that my baby is doing alright at the moment so that is positive. While I haven't physically been sick yet, I am feeling it harder and harder to swallow my probiotics and Cod liver oil at the moment. a week a go I would take them all in one go, now this week I have to take the in two or three goes. So any advice for increase energy in the first trimester? I still have heaps to do, and just feeling sapped.

We are trying to get much of our seeds and seedlings planted over the next 4 weeks, so that we get a good harvest. So I just have to push through the lack of energy and get it done.


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