Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Exercise :0)

Well part of my plan to have a good healthy pregnancy is Exercise. So today is day two of exercising. My children have been doing little Athletics. They aren't the fastest children in club by any means. So they would like to get better, and I want to exercise. So that is what we are doing. Yesterday I took the family to the near by oval where they actually do athletics, and we all did 800 mitres 2 laps. Today we went there again, this time we did 5 laps, 2000 metres. Yay for us. Ben was really surprised at how easily he was able to run/walk it, compared to times gone by. I feel good and plan to build up speed and length over time. Our goal at the moment is to go every day that it isn't raining. Looking forward to seeing improvements in both the children, and myself. Will keep you updated on how we go. :)

Oh and a note to myself, wear sneakers/runners tomorrow, those blister will remind you if you brain doesn't.

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