Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Another Kg bits the dust. :0)

Yay! Another kg down. That makes me feel happy. I'm hoping to loss between 15-20 kgs in this first trimester. I'm not concerned about doing harm to my baby by doing this, because I know that all the food that I am eating at the moment is nourishing foods, there are no wasted or empty foods, so my baby and body are well nourished. I'm not changing anything diet wise, just eating what I can, when I can of GAPS legal foods. And adding walking to my daily exercises ( if not raining) and maybe some pregnancy Yoga on days when it is. I'll probably do the video a few times and then modify it's to suit myself, but we will see. A friend has been kind enough to lend me her dvd, so I'm looking forward to doing that with the children.

On the positive news front one of the midwives from the Birth Centre have suggested that I come in and talk with them about the possibility of birth there, which is so exciting for me, so I would love some prayer surrounding that. I have dreamed of birth there since baby number 3. I'll keep you updated on how that goes.

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