Friday, June 1, 2012

Reactions day 45.

Over the last two days it seems that both Ben and I have been having reactions to nuts, and fruit, so it looks like that is our next hurdle to over come. After serving fruit and nut dessert, it seems that Ben enjoyed it so much that he had little to no self control and had three servings of it. So much for going slowly. Any how he has had an increase in pain, fatigue and fogginess, and just a sense that he wasn't ready for it. I on the other hand didn't think that I had a problem with it, I did have a head ache the next day, but I thought that was due to not drinking enough water that day, so I ignored it. There was however left overs so thought I was safe to eat some of them. Well today I have paid for it, my headache is worst. So that is a clear sign for me that my body is not ready for this type of treat, so will be stepping back from it for a little while also.

While having to move back in the foods might seem discouraging, we were talking about it today that is was only a few short weeks ago and we had the same issues with eggs, and now don't have any problems with it. So I'm sure our bodies will adjust to nuts, and fruit soon enough. I should mention that we aren't reacting to nuts in the form of Almond meal/flour, Almond bread.

Another issue that I'm having at the moment is a tooth ache. I don't know if you have ever experienced this, where I know that I need to go get the tooth out, but I just really don't want to, So I tend to wait until I don't have any choice, and can't live with it any more. On a positive not a tooth ache does help curve cravings, mostly because you don't want to eat they thing at all.

Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day pain wise. Tomorrow is the birthday of our lastest addition. Which has given me time to think today. This time last year I was in a hospital bed, begin told they would deliver my baby the very next day, and they weren't sure what the out come would be, He could have water on the brain, may die, we just don't know until he is earth side. I feel so blessed that I am now a year on and can say Happy Birthday to my special little guy. His birth is also a very big reason that I am doing this diet.

Food for today
Mineral water
Breakfast balls, with broth gravy
Yoghurt, Almond bread, Egg and broccoli muffins
Dinner, chicken drumsticks with broth.

So tired today and really looking forward to falling into bed tonight. I'll leave you with a picture of our breakfast balls.

And another with our special little man. :0)


  1. It's so frustrating to back off of foods but it's good that you can see what foods are causing the problem. I'm so glad when the correlation is clear and I can just remove that food and feel better.

    1. Yes It can be frustrating but I also think it's exciting when you discover a problem you didn't know you had, and then you see your body healing from it. :)