Saturday, June 9, 2012

Day 53 - temptations

Wow, Day 53. I'm so glad to be able to say that we are 53 days in to this. I wish I could say more, but I'm thankful that I am not saying less, and I can say we haven't cheated. We have moved forward a little on special occasions, but never to a non legal gaps food. However today offered many temptations. We had a busy morning, today is our big shopping day, the day that I try to get everything that we need for a fortnight. I like to get everything that we need so that we aren't going back and forth to the shops all fortnight, and if there is anything I did miss, usually no more than one or two things, like running out of eggs, then we buy them from the local corner shop if we can. Anyhow, Lunch is normally very late on this day, which doesn't normally matter because we are home for the rest of the day sorting out food, making yoghurt, and all sorts of other cooking related tasks. Today however was different we had been invited to Ben's Nan's house, which was a nice treat. After buying our food we quickly came home to drop it off and then got going. We grabbed some fruit for the children to eat for their lunch in the van on the way. Ben and I weren't that hungry, we had a late breakfast, and munched on some nuts on the way.

We were having a lovely time with His family, when I was asked to get the party pies out of the oven, which I didn't have problem with until I smelt them. Wow, they smelt good, I could have totally picked on up and eat it, right there and then. No one but me would have known. I didn't in case you were wondering. I kept my self control, but it was challenging. I guess I'm not free yet. :0) Apart from that moment of temptation we had a lovely blessed time, visiting, chatting, playing, and so on. Ben's Nan is renowned for you generous nature, and kindly sent us home with some kale and silver beet from the garden. She also sent us home with a ginger bread house that was made for her, and covered in icing and treats. Oh boy, it smelt and looked delightfully tasty. Poor Ben had to be the one to break it into pieces to take home. For me the smell was enough to start sugar cravings. It would have been so easy to put a little in mouth and eat it, oh lets face it if I had it would have been a little, once I had eaten some it would have been a lot.

There are several things that I miss being on this diet, one of which is eat whatever you like, but look how that has turned out so far. Another is that we aren't on fruit or raw foods yet. I miss being about to grab something easy on the go, like a banana, or a quick salad, we will get there. However I'm sure today's temptations would have not been so hard if we had been able to eat before going. Mental note for next time. Don't go anywhere without eating. I normally don't, I'm normally very good at not leaving the house without being full. But today I just felt a little uninspired in the kitchen, which makes cooking a little more challenging. Well tomorrow is a new day, the house is full of food so inspiration should be easier to come by. Bye for now.


  1. It's so hard on intro to go anywhere sometimes. I think it's better to bring along a little GAPS-legal snack even if it's non-intro than to let my blood sugar drop (maybe you don't have that problem though). I'm not on intro anymore but if I get real hungry and I'm away, I can pick up a coconut water to tide me over. I still try to plan not to be away from home very long though!

    1. I normally have yoghurt at least in the fridge that we can grab and take with us, but I totally did even have that. I don't normally have a blood sugar drop, but will have a rise if I eat something sweet. I will definitely go with something full gaps if I don't have another option. Thanks for the Advice. :0)