Sunday, June 3, 2012

Husband's Guest Blog 3- slowing down, relaxing, changing.

Okay so we are half way through the second month of this GAPS journey and I can honestly say this last week, in stark contrast to the week before- has been quite difficult for me. Although I am eating properly at every meal, the consequence of us going a stage further to eat a berry dessert unleashed some serious cravings for me. I literally went a bit mad, having three helpings of it! Almond bread, which I am learning I should have in moderation, I devoured like I hadn't seen food for three days. I am feeling a bit discouraged, but I have passed the point of no return now though, having lost nearly 16 kilograms, and have enjoyed various other health benefits already.

The discipline of this diet seems very gruelling. Having been a person that was free to have whatever they want, restricting the diet, and restricting it for a (seemingly) long amount of time isn't an attractive process. But I also believe the diet has a gentle component to it that cannot be underestimated. If you are able to work with the diet, slowing down when you feel you need to, and distracting yourself with other things, it can make things easier. In the GAPS booklet we have, called "What can we eat now?", there is a few pages devoted to "other activities" which you can do instead of eating, I would humbly suggest potential GAPS people to do them! Eating as a pastime is part of our culture. Learning to do something else is a key skill to overcoming.

Relaxing is another component of this diet. If you literally "go mad for food", like I do with overindulgent passion, you have lost the gentle nature of the diet. Part of the reason GAPS food is in stages and you introduce things slowly is so that in a gentle way you can listen to your body. When you have a reaction after you eat something, you know you are going too fast to be able to eat it yet. Relax. It gets easier. Listening to your body is more difficult for men than women. Women sometimes instinctively know, whereas it generally takes a bit more effort for men. Sorry fellas "My body wants a cheeseburger" is probably not right. In fact Christina asked me whether my body was ready for the berry dessert. I said "Well, my body is having a bit of a conflict. My stomach is saying definately no, but my tastebuds are welcoming it with open arms!". The diet sometimes does that to you.

I've found that I can finally enjoy herbal tea. Caffeinated Tea my body will reject at this stage, but herbal tea I am having to no ill effect. No sugar of course. It's controversial whether I should be drinking any kind of tea, but with a bit of fingers crossed we are doing it anyway. I would hardly think we could not, seeing as I am a Tea freak.

I heard an interesting thing in church today. Over 90% of people who have serious heart conditions don't change their life after being told how serious their heart conditions are, effectively saying "I would rather die than change", and after a certain amount of time, they actually do die, rather than change. This is sad. Yes, change is very hard sometimes, but it comes with big rewards for those who embrace it.

Be Blessed.

P.s. I see this second month as a proving ground. I believe after the difficulties of this month I'm going to see a greater degree of self control and health. :)

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