Sunday, June 22, 2014

Pocket money.

Last fortnight I posted our new point system at home to help with rewards and behavioural management. We are also using it as a way to help the children to learn to manage there money.  So each point equals 5 cents.

To help our children develop good money habits, we are starting with the idea of using 10% for Charity, 10% for savings, and then they can choose what to use the remainder for with in reason.

With the remainder I hope to encourage them to start setting up there businesses, but for now we are focusing on the saving and giving elements.

So this was our first week of them giving from their own money. They had $5.40 to give. I asked my facebook friends for some advice on charities that they could give the money too.

Here is the working list of charities and ideas that they can give too.

Of course the first meaningful one on our list is the
Hope for Accreta Foundation.  Others on the list are;
Samaritans Purse Operation Christmas Child.
Australian Red Cross
Baby Mum Australia
Tear Australia and "useful gifts"
Ronald McDonald House
SIM - Serving in Mission 
Guardian Care
Cycstic Fibrosis
Gospel for Asia 
The Good Shepherd Agricultural Mission
Compassion Australia
Epilepsy Australia
Heart Kids
Cancer council

So that is a good start. They give there money this fortnight to buy a chicken via Tear Australia "Useful gifts", and look forward to researching and learning more about the other organisations and what things they do to help the communities they are working for. Maybe one day they will start their own, or run some fundraising events for charities that they find are close to their hearts.

Do you have your children give to charity? What works for you? And who do you give to?

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